[Br][Ba] Meth Bee & Gas Mask

October 24, 2013

If you haven’t seen the Breaking Bad TV show series, you need to catch up and see it. (FYI, there are no spoilers in this post) After having watched the finale, and the series in its entirety, I was caught up in some of the trivia and details surrounding the show.

One of which, is the bee logo on the barrels of Methylamine. The ones I found online were “OK”, but were clearly quick and loose interpretations. I was looking for something more accurate and in vector, of course.

Methylamine Bee On Barrel

breaking bad methylamine bee on barrel

Download the Methylamine Bee Vector (ai):

Download The File

With regards to the masks, did you know there were no fewer than 3 different models of respirators used by both Walter and Jesse while they cooked? The most recognizable one is manufactured by 3M, model 6700 (6000 Series), the one with the pink filters.

The other gas masks or respirators that got some airtime were the MSA advantage 1000, and the MSA Advantage 3000. I decided to vectorize the most iconic one, the one with the pink filters.

3M 6700 Respirator + Pink Filters

breaking bad 3M respirator 6700 6000 series

Download the 3M 6700 Respirator Vector (ai):

Download The File


I wanted to make something fun; possibly make something useful for a novelty t-shirt… anyways, here are the gas masks and methylamine bee in all their vector glory. If you do happen to make something with these, let us know in the comments!


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