HTML5 Microdata Generator

January 24, 2012

Following up on a previous entry on the Microdata Format, I’ve created a completely free, for non-commercial purposes, Microdata Generator for some of the more popular item types: Books, Movies, People, Organizations and Companies, Stores, Restaurants, and Local Businesses.

While there are other Microdata Generators and Creators out there, I haven’t found one that correctly nests multiple item types, or integrates the correct Hours of Operation (date/time) item property, which is essential for local businesses and restaurants.

Furthermore, I’ve taken the extra step of giving you the option to include line breaks (for those who prefer the raw text format), the option to wrap the labels in a <span> tag, and the option to insert a class into the label span for custom css styling!

Tip: Tick off “Insert Class”, use the Class Name “label”, and use the following CSS styling for a modern left-flush layout of your new Microdata Formatted content.
#itemscope {width: 350px; font-family:arial;}
span, time {float: left; width: 150px; color: black}
div span.label {float: left; width: 150px; color: #666; clear:both;}

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